Less is more:


Less contaminatable surface
More protection against contamination
Less surface to clean
More time for cell cultivation
No consumables
Significantly more cost savings year after year

Less is more. The ANTI.PLENUM DESIGN reduces contaminatable surfaces to a minimum and provides an optimal surface area with the best possible growth conditions for your cell and tissue cultures.

Hot air sterilization at 180 °C ensures absolutely no bacterial contamination – standard in all CO2 incubators from BINDER.

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Conventional CO2 incubators

Traditional CO2 incubator
Approx. 3 m² surface area for the inner chamber, shelves, water pan
Additional approx. 3 m² surface area for fixtures
Less contaminable surface
Approx. 3 m² surface area for the inner chamber, shelves, water pan
0 m² surface area, no other fixtures

Corners and edges in conventional incubators increase surface area and thereby increase the risk of contamination.

Round corners that minimize surface area in BINDER CO2 incubators reduce the risk of contamination.

Less surface.
Less against contamination.

The ANTI.PLENUM DESIGN takes contamination and any reason to exist literally: it finds no place to settle and grow.

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  • Characteristic large, round corners
  • Mechanically polished stainless steel surfaces
  • No hiding places for contamination in the inner chamber
More about time savings

Conventional CO2 incubators

Clean up
Far more cleaning effort
Far less cleaning effort
Clean up
Extra time for cell cultivation
Very minimal cleaning effort*

Disassembly and cleaning of the plenum components in conventional incubators is time-consuming.

The inner chamber of BINDER CO2 incubators is deep-drawn from one piece and is easy to clean.

Less cleaning work.
More time for cell cultivation.

The ANTI.PLENUM DESIGN reduces the manual cleaning effort of 14 days to 4.5 workdays per year.

  • Easy-to-clean fixtures
  • Fast removal and installation
  • Hot air sterilization at 180 °C
More about cost savings
Seeing is believing
Disassembly and assembly of BINDER incubators and competitor products in real-time

Conventional CO2 incubators

Up to 1,500 € in costs for consumables per year
No consumables in the inner chamber
No consumables!
No consumables!

Traditional CO2 incubator with HEPA filter as decontamination solution.

BINDER CO2 incubators need no consumables.

No expenditures for decontamination.
More money for other laboratory requirements

The ANTI.PLENUM DESIGN reduces your decontamination costs to a minimum throughout a product's life.

  • No costs for HEPA filters
  • No costs for hydrogen peroxide solutions
  • No recurring costs for UV lamps
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Test yourself

How safely and efficiently are you working with your CO2 incubator?

Decontamination How frequently do you use one of the following decontamination procedures?
per year
160 – 200 °C hot-air sterilization
20 – 140 °C hot air
90 °C moist heat
H2O2 steam
Cleaning How frequently do you clean your unit to prevent contamination?
per year
Basic cleaning
Spray/wipe to disinfect
Clean the water pan
Biocidal water additives
Equipment What features does your unit have and how frequently do you change the filter(s) / replace the lamp(s) / clean the fan(s)?
per year
HEPA filter
UV lamp
Interior fan
Ventilation shafts
Copper equipment
Contamination safety
Cleaning time
Unit downtime
Consumable materials & service costs
Your results


BINDER CO2 incubators work condensation-free, are easy to clean and provide optimal growth conditions for your cultures.

  • Integrated shelf support
  • Permadry™ system
  • 180 °C hot air sterilization
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